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The 5-Principles to
How to Breakthrough Barriers Of Conflict To Gain Clarity & Create Constructive Conversations! 

What You'll Learn in This Online Training That Will Equip You to:

1. Quickly Identify the area of inner or relational conflict
2. Gain clarity on the areas to feel safe, encouraged, and accepted
3. Approach a difficult conversation with more understanding to have the words to say that will bring about unity
4. Move forward with an opportunity to get clear on your vision & a game-plan

When people have these 5-principles to PEACE, we can eliminate arguing, stone-walling, and lashing out. Are you ready to have healthy conversations that lead to more understanding & unity?

I can't wait to teach you these principles that changed my life and hundreds of others. See you inside!

Love & blessings,
Kirsten Strawn, The Faith Coach
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Kirsten is a faith coach with immense inner strength and divine connections.

She delivers her messages in such a way that cuts to the heart, repairs the pain, and offers healing comfort. I recently encountered some heart-throbbing health issues with one of my children.  I felt like the walls were caving in and I was drowning in despair.  Kirsten coached me through the faith strengthening process. She gifted me with spirit-guided words of wisdom. I experienced a breakthrough far beyond my expectations from Kirsten’s coaching. You can too.
~ Joni Y.

Kirsten Strawn is so authentic, engaging and inspiring!

She shows you how to make wiser decisions, the consequences of making poor ones, and how to better understand the dynamics of conflict and difficult relationships so you CAN learn to love difficult people.  She does not put on a façade, which takes any guard down you may have. Her vulnerability truly hits on one of the biggest dilemmas facing us all…loving unlovable and difficult people!  Kirsten walks you through practical tools and empowers you to respond to adversity in your marriage and other relationships in a more God honoring way. ~ Tami M.

Kirsten is a powerful woman of God!

What a challenging journey it is for a mom facing a struggling teen. I was responsible for allowing emotional turmoil to enter my daughter’s life, and it pained me to see the repercussions in her life. As a single parent I lacked a supportive spouse to work through these tough times. Praise God for Kirsten! The Lord brought her into our lives and she blessed us beyond words. The Lord spoke wisdom and Godly counsel through her. 
~ Katie L.

Kirsten has the tools to teach us how to have those difficult conversations. 

I did not know how to speak up and say what I needed to say in love. I had fear and anxiety and stress that if I said what I needed to say that I would be rejected and they would withdraw their love from me. Kirsten has helped me to have the tools that I need to be able to have these hard conversations and be able to speak from my heart without fear and without anxiety. I have been empowered to have a productive conversation that brings positive resolution and healthy relationships. Whether it be your spouse, teenage child, co-worker or mother-in-law, we can be successful with the right tools to have healthy positive productive relationships without fear and stress and anxiety of what they might say or do if we speak in love!!! This ultimately brings you closer and brings more intimacy and love to your relationships.~ Rebecca T.
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